Element Power works in close partnership with local communities to deliver tangible, long-term economic, social and environmental benefits.

Our wind farms can enhance the quality of life for local communities by

  • the generation of clean energy;
  • the creation of new employment opportunities and commercial openings for local businesses; and
  • the payment of a proportion of the wind farm’s income into a community benefit fund to provide direct benefits to local communities

Community Commitment

Climate experts agree on the urgency of ending our reliance on unsustainable and ozone-damaging fossil fuels like coal and oil.  To guarantee future supplies of heat and electricity, we must turn instead to harnessing power from nature’s own unlimited resources of sun, wind and water.

Element Power is a proud investor in Scotland’s forward thinking renewables policy and the much needed economic regeneration it will bring to rural communities across the country.

We believe that by working together we can all play a part in reducing the use of damaging pollutants from fossil fuel emissions. 

Element Power Pledges

  • To respect communities through consultation, collaboration and co-operation
  • To encourage community engagement at every stage of project development
  • To provide communities with environmental and economic legacies that will enhance the quality of life for local communities


The environmental impact of the energy industry is diverse.  Fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil choke the atmosphere with harmful emissions, trapping heat and resulting in global warming, with all its devastating consequences.

Fossil fuel reserves are declining but the UK must have safe, secure and future-proof supplies of energy that are available to all.

No one fuel source provides all the answers.

Increasing the amount of energy that the United Kingdom generates from low-carbon technologies such as wind, hydro, solar, tidal and wave power, and reducing emissions through carbon capture and storage will help to:

  • Ensure that the country has a secure energy supply
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions to slow down climate change

Element Power’s wind farm developments will deliver environmental, economic and community benefits as well as increased energy security and emissions reduction.


The renewable energy sector in Scotland is now a significant contributor to the local, regional and national economy.   We invite local companies to tender for contracts during the construction phase of our wind farm projects.

We procure from a range of local services including construction companies, drainage contractors, concrete suppliers, metal fabricators, plant hire, cleaning, waste management, security, fencing contractors and catering and accommodation suppliers.

By using the local workforce where possible, each development can have a direct and positive effect on the local economy.

To register your company’s interest email us now at

Learn more about renewables

Scotland’s renewable energy sector is displacing more carbon emissions than ever before.  In 2014, the most recent year for which data is available, renewable energy projects saved more than one million tonnes of CO2 per month from entering the atmosphere. The reduction – 12.3 million tonnes in total – is the highest ever recorded in Scotland, and up 119% on 2010. The figure is equivalent to more CO2 than is emitted from every single car, bus and train journey taken over the course of a year in Scotland.

Element Power is a member of British Wind, a partnership of independent energy generators and suppliers helping British bill payers by harnessing the cheapest low-carbon energy and offsetting import costs from foreign fossil fuels. Onshore wind is set to be the cheapest form of all new electricity generation by 2020 – cheaper than gas, cheaper than coal and cheaper than nuclear and is supported by more than 60% of the British public.